About Grumbler

FWIW, been riding motorcycles since, ermmm, nineteen sixty-six other than a 10-year hiatus during the '80s. Am a retired Web/DB developer, and my last gig was a ~17 month contract at 3Com Corporation in Santa Clara, CA. Past gig was overhauling the internal and external sites for Franklin-Templeton in San Mateo, CA. Created the Web sites at the Hewlett-Packard plants in San Jose and Newark before taking VSI.

In August 2002, after living in the Bay Area for too many years, relocated to Boise, ID with my family. In fact, rode both of my motorcycles with a good bud, Mike Plant of Gridley, from Lincoln, CA to Boise in 15 hours. We followed the Chico, Susanville, Alturas, Lakeview, Burns, and Ontario route to my new digs.

Am webmaster for the official Davie Allan and The Arrows site, and completely remodeled it. They first became well known after doing the soundtrack for The Wild Angels movie back in the late '60s in which Blue's Theme is the best known track. In addition, created a basic online directory for Travel The Husky Route so as to have a site listing all the Route Commander locations across Canada for Husky House Restaurants, and Husky Car/Truck Stops.

Uh, this here Web site isn't up to snuff compared to the corporate stuffola I've done ... after coding thousands and thousands of pages, and images, just haven't had much energy to spare for this one
at least until November 2009 when I decided to start converting my webpages into blogs.

Rather be out on Idaho's Scenic Byways such as the loop north from Boise with a stopover in Idaho City at Trudy's Kitchen enroute to Lowman, Banks, and back to Boise.

Sure would appreciate it if yew would visit my bud, Eddie Kieger, who had an unfortunate motorcycle accident back in 1994. We used to do some riding together. He was working in Santa Clara in addition to serving on the SBU (Special Boat Unit) at Mare Island cuz he wuz in the Navy reserves.

Might as well provide the links for killer film reviews of the two most famous motorcycle movies which are Easy Rider and The Wild One as are the original 1947 Hollister Freelance articles. Jeff Dove's History Of The Motorcycle Flicks is on this site as is the Fish Story episode from Northern Exposure. If looking for rare or hard-to-find biker films including Then Came Bronson, eyeball Cinefear: Rare Biker Films as that's where I got The Devil's Angels (1967) video. In addition, here's an excellent dissertation about the so-called Motorcycle Menace.

Meanwhile, got a link to a fine craft brew which is none other than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Have always enjoyed staying at one of the motels next door to the Eel River Brewing Co. in Fortuna, CA. How about eyeballing the Then Came Bronson site and then there's this killer motorcycling catalog.

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